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Grace Community Fellowship West Houston is a member of the GMI network of churches.


We are a family of churches passionate about the King and His Kingdom. We are dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God in practical and meaningful ways in our individual lives, our marriages, our families, our cities, and regions. The GMI churches are scattered throughout the state of Texas, and related churches are in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, and Kenya.


GMI’s primary task is to serve and encourage those churches, helping them to build individuals, families, and churches that shine forth the reality of God’s glory, presence, and power. We desire what God does – to see His character and nature and ways (the Kingdom) in all our members’ lives and relationships.


Our churches are dynamic, alive, and growing. We consistently see the miraculous. This includes physical miracles like terminal cancers healed, deaf/mutes healed, club feet healed, sight for those born blind, and regeneration of internal organs. It also includes miracles like restored marriages and families, freedom from bondages, and living the Christian life in complete victory.

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Charis Canyon

Charis Canyon is an 220-acre facility owned by Grace Ministries International (GMI) located on a spring-fed creek four miles down a country road – 53 miles from the nearest stoplight, 108 miles from the nearest shopping mall, outside Barksdale, Texas.  It is very quiet, yet alive with possibilities for quickening of the spirit through contact with God’s creation. Our desire is to offer Christian hospitality to the great variety of people who pass through our gates, and to nourish the possibilities for God to be revealed through the portion of creation entrusted to us. We look forward to greeting old friends and new, and to sharing the love of God with all.


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