What Are The Golden Years?

Many dream about getting to the age when they do not have to work or build their career and can enjoy the life they have worked so hard to get to. This phase of life should be the best of times. For most, the adventure starts in their 50s to 60s and end in their late 70s. Some cope well. Some fall to pieces and feel lost, useless, and bored. The Golden Years should be the best times of your life! 

“Preparing for the Golden Years” is a public ministry of Grace Community Fellowship West Houston (GCF West). This ministry was formed to provide guidance and direction for those about to or going through the major attitude, emotional and mental changes into their Golden Years (usually starts in their 60s). This ministry offers regular public sessions to address the six major areas of transitions: Lack of job/career, Money, Health, Church, Family and other Potential Pot Holes. These transitions will happen. Our desire is to share some insights on what to anticipate and ways to smoothly navigate through these years. 

These insights could also help those younger to know what to expect as their parents go through these transitions. 

This is not about financial planning and investing.

This ministry can provide individual support for these topics and can provide helpful resources and techniques to navigate into and throughout the Golden years.

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Richard & Sonya Gasdia


Richard Gasdia has been married over 30 years (since 1984) with two grown children and five grandchildren. Richard grew up in Maryland and graduated from Frostburg State University in Cumberland, Maryland. Richard enjoys jogging, bicycles, and has finished multiple marathons and MS 150's from Houston to Austin.

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